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Better Ventilation is Required for Dental Offices

As the novel coronavirus, or SARS-CoV-2 becomes more prevalent in everyday life new technologies need to be retrofitted into existing buildings to help reduce the virus from spreading.

Permanent types of systems which constantly filter and purify air are one of the best methods to ensure infectious diseases will not infect others in the same room or area. This is especially important for dental offices with all the aerosolized droplets generated by dental procedures. Aerosolized particles are infinitesimal, and we now know COVID can remain suspended in the air for as much as two hours.

Because dentists perform a wide variety of procedures which often produce sprays, droplets, and aerosols, it’s important to implement a UVGI system to improve a room’s ventilation rate. A UVGI system (ultraviolent germicidal irradiation) uses ultraviolent light to destroy bacteria and other microorganisms.
The DentoShield has been designed to mount in a recessed ceiling which is ideal for several reasons. First, exhaled air usually drifts upwards since it is warmer than the surrounding air. This makes a ceiling mounted air purifier the perfect place to capture potentially infectious air particles.

Droplets can easily become airborne when dental procedures are done

Additionally, most dental offices contain equipment which takes up floor space, the equipment is necessary but usually leaves little room to install a stand-alone air purifier or mobile air purifier.

The CDC has recommendations and new strategies call to improve the ventilation rate in dental office to 15 air changes per hour to help ensure air is effectively cleaned.

Our system draws in the surrounding air and passes it though a media filter before it moves into an irradiation chamber for purification. Powerful UV lamps, a medical grade filter and a catalyst inside the chamber ensures air is purifier before releasing it back into the room or area.
When selecting a system to keep your dental office clean be sure to check for the CADR (clean air delivery rate), the size of the room, where the system is installed and the type of technology / filtering the system uses to maintain clean air.