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Dental offices need Upper Air UV Systems to protect Patients and Staff

UVGI System mounted in the ceiling are the most effective

Dental offices routinely expose staff and patients to aerosolized droplets with all the high-speed specialized equipment dentist use. I’m certain you can literally see the spread of the droplets every time you have some serious dental work done. The problem arises when aerosolized droplets spread throughout the office and other patient room. Naturally, if you’re a patient in another room close by you’re probably mask-less and breathing in the same air which is circulating from other operating rooms.

The dentist and all their assistants seem to always protect themselves with both mask and shields. We now have come to learn through science backed data why COVID-19 is so infectious. The virus is considered “airborne” which means it can infect someone close by an infected person whether there are asymptomatic or not. In fact, many people who don’t have symptoms go about their daily routine without knowing they could potentially infect another person.

Every dental office who hasn’t already should safeguard their patients and staff who don’t wear personal protective equipment (PPE) with ultraviolent light germicidal air disinfection system. The type of air purifier which should be used should be an upper air system which captures potentially harmful infectious pathogens and destroys them. The DentoShield was specially designed for this type of setting. Studies have shown how air circulates and rises in rooms. A recent study in the New York Times shows a visual representation of how an infected person’s breathing can easily infect others in a closed room.

Upper UVGI Air Purifiers work best to capture aerosolized droplets

The coronavirus is finding new victims worldwide increasingly confirm what many scientists have been since the beginning of 2021, the virus lingers in the air indoors, infecting those nearby. The types of high-speed drilling equipment used in a dentist office generates fine droplets and aerosol particles light enough to stay airborne for hours. These aerosolized droplets consist of micro-droplets which can be easily inhaled and if the virus is active, it can easily be a source for the COVID virus.

Dentist who installed a small stand-alone air purifier sitting in the corner of their lobby is going to prevent a highly infectious disease from spreading are fooling themselves. Whether you choose the DentoShield or another system it should be an upper room installed system and should be installed in each patient room and waiting area.