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DentoShield Helps Protect Staff and Patients

The DentoShield is unobtrusive and provide and works continuously to filter and destroy pathogens

Mounted at the highest point in the room or area, our commercial grade air purifier works to constantly draw in air to clean it. Using a MERV filter and ultraviolent lights in a highly reflective chamber the DentoShield is an important part of protecting patients and staff.

The DentoShield has been designed to mount at the upper part of the room above seven feet. The system is installed to draw air in from below then move it through a MERV filter to capture larger pathogens before going into the irradiation chamber. Once air is inside the chamber an intense dose of UV-C light is generated and reflected throughout the chamber destroying microorganisms before the air is released back into the room.

The UV-C light generated is sealed in the special chamber in the upper space of a room, usually in a drop ceiling so it is highly effective at disinfecting all the air since the pathogens exposed to the powerful UV light in the chamber before released back into the room.