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Our Goal

Our goal is to build a highly effective and cost competitive indoor air purifiers and manufacture them in America. In order to oversee and ensure the quality of each of the products we build and assembly we can avoid supply chain problems as what happened in our country over the last year. Using local resources in our area we help people employed and help our economy grow. 

Outsourcing has been a trend over the last 20+ years, mostly by large corporations trying to squeeze another % point of margin to make the company more profitable. Unfortunately, this has lead to layoffs in our country and made American’s more dependent on imports. We believe we can build a profitable company and still remain competitive in the market and be at the forefront of innovation in IAQ space. 

We appreciate each and every supplier, vendor and distributor we work with and will do everything in our power to ensure as we grow we help our local economy which in the ends helps us all.